ADHD Provider Tool Kit:  Treatment

ADHD Provider Tool Kit:  Treatment

What is it?

The ADHD Provider Tool Kit is the online Texas Children’s Health Plan resource for a wide range of relevant information to assist the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with ADHD and their families. The goal is to provide information sources for providers who frequently see patients with this diagnosis.

Treatment planning

The Tool Kit includes algorithms for providers to help ensure a thoughtful and well-rounded treatment plan for members with ADHD. Interventions for patients and their caregivers as well as for the school setting are discussed. Medication management is reviewed including sequencing of treatment, timing of medication changes, and deciding which adjunctive medications to add if needed. An overview of behavior therapy and resources for this intervention is also included. Behavior therapy is the first line intervention for most children under the age of 6 at the time of diagnosis.

ADHD Related HEDIS Measure

Don’t forget: follow-up care for children prescribed a new ADHD medication should include at least 1 follow up visit during the first 30 days after a medication was first dispensed and 2 additional visits between 4 weeks and 9 months.

How do I find it?

The ADHD Provider Tool Kit is online and can be accessed by participating providers through the Texas Children’s Health Plan Provider Portal and website. The Tool Kit is also available by contacting Texas Children’s Health Plan Provider Relations.

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