Provider Podcasts

Welcome to STAR Kids

Texas Children’s Health Plan Medical Director, Dr. Carl Tapia, welcomes providers to the new STAR Kids program.

Importance of Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy

Dr. Lisa Hollier, Chief Medical Officer of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Texas Children’s Health Plan discusses the importance of the Influenza vaccine to expecting mothers.

2015-2016 Respiratory Virus Season Update

Dr. James Dunn, Medical Director for Medical Microbiology and Virology at Texas Children’s Hospital provides an update on the 2015-2016 Respiratory Virus Season in Texas. Topics include an update on the current flu and RSV conditions in Texas, Point of Care (POC) testing, and helpful resources to help you through this year’s Respiratory Virus Season.

Winter 2015-2016 Flu Season Update with Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald

Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald, Chief Medical Officer for Texas Children’s Health Plan, provides an update on the 2015-16 Flu Season.