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5 Ways to Encourage Speech Development and Language Skills

Long before a child speaks their first word, a child is already communicating.  The first signs of communication happen during the first few days of life when an infant learns that a cry will bring food and comfort. The newborn also begins to recognize the sound of a parent or caregiver’s voice. As they grow, infants begin to sort out the speech sounds that compose the words of their language.   As the infant’s oral motor skills and voice advance, [...]

Key Points of March 2016 CME

It isn’t Funny when your Eyes and Nose are Runny Key Points of March 2016 CME “It isn’t funny when your eyes and nose are runny” was presented by Dr. Kristin Dillard, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital Section of Allergy and Immunology and Dr. Honey Herce, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Ophthalmology. The live CME activity on March 3, 2016 was simulcast to several Texas Children’s Hospital locations across the Houston area. Key points from [...]

Annual Chlamydia Screening—No Pelvic Necessary!

Annual chlamydia screening is recommended for all sexually active women ages 15 to 24, as well as older women with risk factors such as new or multiple sex partners, or a sex partner who has a sexually transmitted infection. Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs) are the most sensitive tests, and can be performed on easily obtainable specimens such as urine or vaginal swabs (either clinician- or patient-collected). The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted [...]

Provider Alert! Reminder on the use of the U8 Modifier

To: All Texas Children’s Health Plan Providers Subject: Reminder on the use of the U8 Modifier All eligible organizations and covered entities that are enrolled in the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program to purchase 340B discounted drugs must use modifier U8 when submitting claims for 340B clinician-administered drugs. Non-compliance with this new requirement to use modifier U8 on all claims submitted for 340B clinician-administered drugs may jeopardize a covered entity’s 340B status with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health [...]