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Provider Alert! Billing Update for Texas Health Steps

To: All Texas Health Steps Providers Subject: Reminder – Billing for Texas Health Steps Services to Texas Children’s Health Plan Texas Children’s Health Plan follows the State of Texas Medicaid guidelines for Texas Health Steps checkups including the following: “Texas Health Steps medical checkups reflect the federal and state requirements for a preventive checkup. Preventive care medical checkups are a benefit of the Texas Health Steps program if they are provided by enrolled Texas Health Steps providers and all of the required [...]

Provider Alert! Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Billing Changes

To: All Providers and Facilities Subject: Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Billing Changes Recent changes at Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has improved the accessibility of LARC devices for Medicaid members. HHSC is currently working to add ParaGard, Nexplanon and Liletta to the Medicaid Vendor Drug Program formulary. More information on these products and the process to order will be supplied as these are added. Once added, providers may choose to continue to “buy and bill” or they may choose [...]

Vaccines and Pregnancy

By Dr. Lisa Hollier, MD MPH Chief Medical Officer Texas Children’s Health Plan Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Director, Health Policy Division, Baylor College of Medicine Pregnant women, along with their fetuses, are particularly vulnerable to vaccine-preventable disease-related complications. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made recommendations for adult vaccines and there are two that are directly recommended for administration during pregnancy, four are recommended in pregnancy based on additional risk factors, and two are specifically recommended during the postpartum period (see [...]

Red Eyes – Getting the Treatments Right!

Conjunctivitis comes in three forms: Pearls: PURULENT DISCHARGE (PUS) distinguishes Bacterial from Viral Conjunctivitis PRE-AURICLULAR LYMPH NODE swelling suggests Viral Conjunctivitis ITCHING distinguishes Allergic from Viral Conjunctivitis           Katherine K. Wang, PharmD. Clinical Pharmacist Texas Children's Hospital at The Center for Children and Women Joung A. Choi, PharmD. Pharmacy Manager Texas Children's Hospital at The Center for Children and Women Harold J. Farber, MD, MSPH, FAAP Associate Medical Director Texas Children’s Health Plan Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology & Associate Residency Program Director Baylor College of [...]