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Protect newborns from pertussis: immunize with Tdap today

Tdap vaccination is a covered benefit for all pregnant women who are Texas Children’s Health Plan members. Prenatal office visits are the best place for a member to receive this vaccine. It’s important to note that Texas Medicaid does not cover Tdap at the pharmacy. Tdap can be given at any time during pregnancy, but ideally it should be administered between 27 and 36 weeks to maximize maternal antibody response and passive transfer to newborn. CDC surveillance reports that 2-month-old [...]

Know When to Prescribe an Antiviral

Vaccination Flu season is back and vaccinating continues to be the best way to protect ourselves and our patients against serious complications from the flu.[1] Patients should only receive the intramuscular vaccine; intranasal flu vaccine is not effective for the 2016-2017 flu season.1 Patients 17 and younger should be offered the flu vaccine during office visits, while those 18 years and older also have the option of receiving it at pharmacies. Treatment (Antiviral and Supportive) Patients who are high risk for complications [...]

Vaccines and Pregnancy

By Dr. Lisa Hollier, MD MPH Chief Medical Officer Texas Children’s Health Plan Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Director, Health Policy Division, Baylor College of Medicine Pregnant women, along with their fetuses, are particularly vulnerable to vaccine-preventable disease-related complications. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made recommendations for adult vaccines and there are two that are directly recommended for administration during pregnancy, four are recommended in pregnancy based on additional risk factors, and two are specifically recommended during the postpartum period (see [...]