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Provider Alert! Billing Update for Texas Health Steps

To: All Texas Health Steps Providers Subject: Reminder – Billing for Texas Health Steps Services to Texas Children’s Health Plan Texas Children’s Health Plan follows the State of Texas Medicaid guidelines for Texas Health Steps checkups including the following: “Texas Health Steps medical checkups reflect the federal and state requirements for a preventive checkup. Preventive care medical checkups are a benefit of the Texas Health Steps program if they are provided by enrolled Texas Health Steps providers and all of the required [...]

Provider Alert! Preventing Pre-Term Pregnancies

To: All Providers Subject: Effective September 1, 2015 all Progesterone therapy will require a pre-authorization from Texas Children’s Health Plan. Claims billed using the branded Makena will no longer require a U1 modifier. Pre-authorized use of Makena (hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection) will need to be submitted as J1725 with the appropriate NDC information as required on all claims. Claims billed using the compounded 17-P therapy will now require the U1 modifier. Pre-authorized use of 17-P will need to be submitted as J1725 with [...]