Practitioner Statement of Need (PSON)

Practitioner Statement of Need (PSON)

Before an assessment for PAS, PCS, and/or HAB for a Texas Children’s Health Plan member can take place, Texas Children’s Health Plan must receive a Practitioner Statement of Need (PSON) signed by a practitioner (physician, advanced practice nurse, or physician assistant) who has examined the member in the last 12 months and reviewed all relevant medical records. After the assessment, the provider will receive information regarding the number of provider hours (if any) to be authorized for the member, as well as the opportunity to discuss any related concerns.

This process is meant to facilitate fuller collaboration between the provider and Texas Children’s Health Plan’s Service Coordination team, with the goals of increased communication related to the member’s functional needs and assurance that underlying medical conditions/complications are addressed by suitable medical professionals. It is also intended to maintain consistency and facilitate transitions between Medicaid programs, in agreement with updated contractual requirements set forth by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

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