Need Help Navigating Pharmacy Prior Authorizations?

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Need Help Navigating Pharmacy Prior Authorizations?

Pharmacy Prior Authorizations (PAs) can be a difficult administrative burden for providers and staff, however, they help ensure patients are receiving the most evidence-based, cost-effective medications. The Vendor Drug Program (VDP) is the state resource for the Texas Medicaid formulary and Preferred Drug List (PDL).  VDP has provided a very helpful guide to managing pharmacy benefits for your patients.

You can access this resource here:

This Quick Course reviews the following:

  1. Searching Formulary for prescription and OTC drugs
  2. Checking the Preferred Drug List (PDL)
  3. PA Requirements
  4. Obtaining Prior Authorization

Questions? Contact Navitus, the pharmacy benefit manager for Texas Children’s Health Plan at 877-908-6023

Jon Vecchiet, PharmD
Assistant Director, Pharmacy
Texas Children’s Health Plan

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