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Nutritional supplement guideline change

Effective 10/1/2018, Texas Children’s Health Plan will no longer require prior authorization for nutritional products for members 20 years and younger who: receive all or part of their nutritional intake through a tube as documented by ICD-10 codes (z43.1; z93.1, z93.4), OR have a metabolic disorder that has been documented with one of the diagnosis codes listed in the current TMPPM Section Providers will retain the responsibility of maintaining appropriate documentation for the nutritional products supplied. A retrospective review may be [...]

Key Changes to TCHP Therapy Authorization Guidelines

When services were not prior authorized by Texas Children’s Health Plan, (through another MCO or TMHP) the authorization request must include: A copy of the previously approved authorization letter. All of the documentation that was sent in the original authorization request to the previous MCO or TMHP, including any physician orders that were used to determine the start of care. If the services requested do not meet TCHP criteria, the services will be honored for the shorter of 90 days or until [...]

Provider Alert! All Texas Children’s Health Plan providers and facilities Utilization Management Guidelines effective November 1, 2016

Texas Children’s Health Plan has developed Utilization Management guidelines that serve as criteria for the determination of medical necessity for services that require prior authorization. These guidelines will be effective on November 1, 2016. The goal of Texas Children’s Health Plan’s Utilization Management guidelines is to encourage the highest quality care from the right provider in the right setting. Utilization Management guidelines are available for you to review. Please contact Texas Children’s Health Plan’s Provider Relations department at 832-828-1008 or toll-free [...]