What does Service Coordination mean for your STAR Kids patients?

What does Service Coordination mean for your STAR Kids patients?

As a provider, you may have questions regarding the role Service Coordination plays in the lives of your STAR Kids patients. At Texas Children’s Health Plan, the goal of Service Coordination is to optimize health to ensure that the member’s tomorrow is better than his or her today. Service Coordination is a person-centered approach to care. Each of our members is assigned an appropriately licensed Service Coordinator. Our Service Coordinators are responsible for the following:

  • Providing each member with initial and ongoing assistance identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and using Covered Services and other supports to enhance the member’s well -being, independence, and integration in the community.
  • Working with the member and the member’s Legally Authorized Representative (LAR) and other caretakers in the design of an Individual Service Plan (ISP) with clear needs, goals, objectives, and interventions that are continually reviewed and enhanced during each touchpoint with the family.
  • Helping remove barriers to preventative, well, and episodic care (i.e. transportation, education, psychosocial issues) as well as increase health literacy and reduce costs for the member.
  • Intervening on behalf of the member if approved by the member/LAR and empowering the member/LAR to advocate for self, needs, and services in order to help the member remain in his or her community setting.

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