Provider Alert! Health Advisory Issued on Mumps Outbreaks in Texas

Provider Alert! Health Advisory Issued on Mumps Outbreaks in Texas

The Texas Department of State Health Services issued a Health Advisory on 11/30/2016 due to two outbreaks of mumps in North Central Texas.

An outbreak in Dallas County involves 5 adults and a Johnson City outbreak involves 10 cases, mostly in children. Several other outbreaks have occurred in the US outside of Texas.

DSHS requests that physicians “please consider mumps as a diagnosis for any patients presenting with the following symptoms, particularly those who have traveled out of the state or have come into contact with known mumps cases:

Unilateral or bilateral swelling of the parotid or salivary glands preceded by a low grade fever, myalgia, malaise, or headache.
Complications or other presentations are rare and usually mild but include deafness, pancreatitis, oophoritis, meningitis, and encephalitis. Additionally, up to 20% of those infected may be asymptomatic.

In Texas, diagnosis or suspicion of mumps is required to be reported. Do not wait for laboratory confirmation to report mumps suspects. Mumps reports should be made to your local health department
or by calling 800-705-8868.

Diagnostic Testing: The following specimens should be collected for all patients suspected to have mumps at the time of the initial medical visit:

Buccal swab (preferred) for viral isolation and PCR testing. NOTE: individuals previously vaccinated may not develop detectable IgM antibodies therefore a buccal swab is highly recommended.

Blood drawn and submitted for serological testing to detect IgM antibody.”

Read the full article on the DSHS website:

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