Provider Alert! Enfamil Prosobee Recall Information

Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! Enfamil Prosobee Recall Information

Date: February 22, 2023 

Attention: All Providers

Call to action: Texas Children’s Health Plan (TCHP) received an urgent notice of Reckitt’s voluntary recall of two select batches of ProSobee plant-based infant formulas due to a possibility of cross-contamination with Cronobacter Sakazakii.

TCHP wanted to ensure that our providers are aware of this important Member safety matter and are prepared to assist our Members in obtaining appropriate replacement formulas.

Please inform Members DO NOT USE:

Product: Enfamil ProSobee Powder, 12.9 oz Can

Global Batch Code: ZL2HZF

UPC: 300871214415

Lot Number: 0670975

Expiration: 3/1/2024

Product: Enfamil ProSobee Powder, 12.9 oz Can

Global Batch Code: ZL2HZZ

UPC: 300871214415

Lot Number: 0670979

Expiration: 3/1/2024

ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula in 12.9 oz containers was manufactured between August 2022 and September 2022. The products were distributed through retail stores nationwide in the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico. The batches in question can be identified by the number on the bottom of the can. Recalled product batches are ZL2HZF and ZL2HZZ both with a UPC Code of 300871214415 and a “Use By Date” of “1 Mar 2024.” 


Please inform Members that they should check to see if their child’s formula is part of the recall:

  • Check the codes and expiration on the bottom of each can or on the side of each case.
  • Members can contact Enfamil at 1-800-479-0551 or email and they will help verify if the product was impacted.
  • If a formula is part of the recall, do not use the formula. If the regular formula is not available, providers should make recommendations on changing feeding practices.

How this impacts providers: Based on the guidance, parents and caregivers should not use the affected products and should take it to the store for refund and exchange. If formula was obtained from WIC, Members can call their WIC office for more information and can receive a different brand of a similar formula. Members on special formulas will need a prescription for the appropriate substitute.

About Cronobacter Sakazakii

Cronobacter Sakazakii bacteria can cause severe, life-threatening infections (sepsis) or meningitis (an inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spine).

Symptoms of sepsis and meningitis may include:

  • Poor feeding
  • Irritability
  • Temperature changes
  • Jaundice (yellow skin and whites of the eyes)
  • Grunting breaths and abnormal movements.
  • Cronobacter infection may also cause bowel damage and may spread through the blood to other parts of the body.

Next steps for providers: The health and wellbeing of our Members/your patients is Texas Children’s Health Plan’s top priority. Providers should be prepared to receive inquiries from parents/caregivers regarding this important safety recall and remain current on the latest information on the matter.

For specialized formulas, healthcare providers will need to provide Members with a new prescription to ensure the replacement formula will meet the infant’s medical needs.

WIC has temporarily added more options so parents can find a formula at the store that will meet their babies’ needs without updating their cards. For a list of alternative brands that parents can get with WIC, visit

TCHP is outreaching to Members to inform and assist those needing replacement formulas as well. We are also coordinating with DME companies and ordering providers to assist Members with authorizations for formulas affected by the recall to obtain appropriate replacement formulas.

If you have any questions, please email Provider Relations at:

For access to all provider alerts,log into: or

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