Provider Alert! Zika Care Connect

Provider Alert! Zika Care Connect

This notification is intended to encourage providers to enroll in Zika Care Connect (ZCC), a voluntary program to connect pregnant women and infants affected by Zika to recommended healthcare services.

This program establishes a network of specialty healthcare professionals, called the ZCC Healthcare
Professional Network. It includes individual providers and coordinated care centers, and was established based on clinical guidance developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Given your affiliation as a Medicaid provider, you may be interested in enrolling in the ZCC Network.

ZCC includes professionals across healthcare specialties, including endocrinology, developmental
pediatrics, infectious disease, mental health, pediatric ophthalmology, pediatric neurology, radiology, andmaternal-fetal medicine.

Program participants will receive updates on CDC clinical guidance that pertains to patients affected byZika, Zika-related resources for patients and healthcare professionals, and patient referrals.
This is an important resource for families affected by Zika, and we hope you will consider participating.

For additional information, please see the attached fact sheet and FAQs, or visit the website,

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