Provider Alert! Effective Provider Alternate Addresses

Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! Effective Provider Alternate Addresses

Attention: all Texas Children’s Health Plan Providers
Subject: Provider Alternate Addresses

Medicaid enrolled providers must have all service locations reflected in their state enrollment record prior to Medical Transportation Program (MTP) authorizing transportation for a client to the provider’s location. If an alternate address is not listed within the provider’s file sent to MTP, authorization will be denied. This means that every address where a provider will perform services has to have an active attested TPI.

If all service locations are not reflected in the provider’s enrollment record, the provider may submit a Provider Information Change (PIC) Form to Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) to have alternate addresses added to an existing enrollment.

If the provider indicates they are enrolled and have enrolled the alternate address with the state, MTP can request TMHP to research, and TMHP will notify MTP that the alternate address is on file. MTP can then authorize the service.

If you have any questions, please call Provider Relations at 1-800-731-8527.

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