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HEDIS Toolkit Offers Benefits to Providers

Members are cared for as HEDIS measures are met  Texas Children’s Health Plan developed a HEDIS Toolkit that contains helpful information regarding the measure requirements, standards and codes to use that are acceptable for HEDIS reporting. The new toolkit can be accessed here. This toolkit will serve as a reference form that can be used to code the type of appointments made and ensure that all of the HEDIS standards are met.  This will help providers maintain high quality care and [...]

Be a HEDIS HERO for Childhood Wellness

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a non-profit organization that measures the quality of healthcare across large populations. NCQA does this through its Health Effectiveness and Data Set, also known as HEDIS. HEDIS measures are a set of evidence based standards that Texas Children’s Health Plan is committed to improving upon in order to provide the best care for our members. Making changes across your patient population is easier than you think! In fact, you can become a [...]