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Provider Responsibilities

As a reminder, demographic changes must be sent in writing to Texas Children’s Health Plan within a minimum of 30 calendar days. Changes not received in writing are not valid. Texas Children’s Health Plan and its designated claims administrator are not responsible for potential claims processing and payment errors due to failure to update information. Notification of change should be made to Texas Children’s Health Plan Provider Relations and Care Coordination at the following email address: tchpprovrel@texaschildrens.org, or by [...]

Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! Effective Provider Alternate Addresses

Attention: all Texas Children’s Health Plan Providers Subject: Provider Alternate Addresses Medicaid enrolled providers must have all service locations reflected in their state enrollment record prior to Medical Transportation Program (MTP) authorizing transportation for a client to the provider’s location. If an alternate address is not listed within the provider’s file sent to MTP, authorization will be denied. This means that every address where a provider will perform services has to have an active attested TPI. If all service locations are not [...]