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Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! ANNOUNCEMENT: Member ID Cards

Dear Texas Children’s Health Plan providers, it has been brought to our attention that a small portion of our new members did not receive their current Member ID cards. We have already begun the process of sending the missing ID cards to members and will continue to do so until they are all properly distributed. We ask that you do not turn members away if they cannot present an ID card and instead utilize one of the following ways to...

Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! CHIP Member Eligibility Now Available via EDI HIPAA 270/271 Transaction

Attention:  CHIP Providers and Submitters RE: CHIP Member Eligibility Now Available via EDI HIPAA X12 270/271 Transaction Note: This applies only to CHIP providers and submitters. No action is required for Medicaid providers or submitters. Available immediately, CHIP providers and submitters wishing to request and receive CHIP member eligibility using HIPAA X12 270/271 transactions may begin utilizing a new eligibility system. CHIP providers and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) submitters may begin the Trading Partner Testing process by contacting TMHP at EDI.Eligibility@tmhp.com to receive...