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The Flu and Antiviral Medications

Flu season is here and Texas Children’s Health Plan hopes everyone has received their flu vaccine. If you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine, it’s not too late! When you diagnose a patient with the flu, it’s important to understand when you can treat with antivirals, as well as which antiviral medications are approved and recommended for treatment each flu season. Antiviral medications work best if started within two days of getting sick with the flu. There are currently three antiviral medications [...]

Antivirals and the flu: know when the time is right

Antiviral medications play a role in treating influenza, but they are not a substitute for vaccination. According to CDC recommendations, all patients at high risk for complications who appear to have influenza should be considered for early antiviral treatment, independent of laboratory confirmation or influenza vaccine status. This approach can help reduce morbidity and mortality, particularly in young children and those who have underlying co-morbidities. Clinical trials and observational data show that early antiviral treatment can shorten the duration [...]