Medication Synchronization Plan

Medication Synchronization Plan

Effective September 1, 2018, Texas Children’s Health Plan members can receive the Medication Synchronization benefit that will allow them to pick up all of their prescription medication refills on a single day each month, rather than having to go to the pharmacy multiple times per month. The coordination of refills is proven to lead to better adherence to medication regimens.

Inform your patients about this exciting new option. Taking advantage of the Medication Synchronization benefit is as simple as the patient going to the pharmacy and asking the pharmacist to arrange it. There is no extra cost to the patient.

Providers should note that the Medication Synchronization benefit only involves drugs covered by Medicaid or CHIP and will be in accordance with the Texas Drug Code Index. Drugs identified in a member’s Medication Synchronization plan must be used for treatment and management of a chronic illness and meet all prior authorization criteria but exclude Schedule II controlled substances, Schedule III controlled substance containing hydrocodone, and medications for the treatment of acute illnesses.

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