Provider Alert! Epaned (enalapril oral solution)

Provider Alert!

Provider Alert! Epaned (enalapril oral solution)

Attention: Texas Children Health Plan Providers

 Subject: Epaned

The manufacturer of enalapril oral solution (Epaned) changed the formulation from a powder for reconstitution to a prepared oral solution. The powder for reconstitution has been discontinued and the oral solution is not yet on the Texas VDP formulary. VDP is currently reviewing the new formulation to be added to the Texas VDP formulary.

Until this issue is resolved, options for providers are:

  • Find a pharmacy with the old Epaned (enalapril oral solution) product in stock (NDC Code 52652-1001-01)
  • Order the Enalapril tablet, and instruct the patient to cut or crush the pill if needed.
  • Request that a pharmacy compound a liquid preparation from the Enalapril.   Due to pharmacy regulations, they may need to compound as a different concentration from the commercial Epaned liquid.
  • Change the patient to a similar medication in the same class. Lisinopril oral solution 1 mg/ml (Qbrelis) is one such medication.

For questions, please call Navitus at: 877-908- 6023.

Texas Children’s Health Plan

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